VII International Nevsky Forum
June 21-23, 2023
"The role of Russia in the formation of a multipolar world: challenges, opportunities, prospects,
management decisions"
Information for forum participants
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    Subject of the Russian Federation
  • Mission
    Creation of an international-level discussion platform for a broad discussion of topical issues of stable development of Russia and CIS countries.
  • Purpose
    Consideration of issues and development of practice-oriented proposals for the development of Russia in the context of new global challenges and the formation of a multipolar world.

Forum Experts

  • Stanislav Kazarin
    Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
  • Oleg Ergashev
    Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
  • Andrey Khlutkov
    Director of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, St. Petersburg
  • Vladimir Shamakhov
    Academic advisor of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, St. Petersburg


Forum venues

Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library

Senatskaya Square, 3

Faculty of Public and Municipal Administration of RANEPA St. Petersburg

Sredny Prospekt of V.I., 57/43

Faculty of Economics and Finance of RANEPA St. Petersburg

Dnepropetrovskaya street, 8

Faculty of International Relations and Political studies of RANEPA St. Petersburg

Tuchkov lane, 7

Faculty of Law of RANEPA St. Petersburg

7 line of V.I.,16-18

Administrative building of RANEPA St. Petersburg

Pesochnaya embarkment, 4

Library of RANEPA St. Petersburg

8 line of V.I.,61


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Scientific and practical peer-reviewed journal

Eurasian Integration: Economics, Law, Politics

International Scientific and Analytical Journal

Theoretical and applied jurisprudence

Scientific and theoretical journal

Novelty. Experiment. Tradition. (N.Ex.T.)

Network Russian Scientific and Practical Journal

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The role of Russia in the formation of a multipolar world: challenges, opportunities, prospects, management decisions
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VII International Nevsky Forum